[ ﻩوﺪﻥا ]

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  • ENDUH — (Endüh) : f. Keder, elem, gam, gussa, kaygı, sıkıntı, ıztırab, üzünt …   Yeni Lügat Türkçe Sözlük

  • ENDUH-GÜSAR — f. Kederi yok eden. Gamı, sıkıntıyı gideren …   Yeni Lügat Türkçe Sözlük

  • ENDUH-NÂK — f. Kederli, sıkıntılı, gamlı, üzüntül …   Yeni Lügat Türkçe Sözlük

  • endocrine — /ˈɛndəkrən / (say enduhkruhn), / krin/ (say kreen), / kraɪn/ (say kruyn) noun 1. an endocrine gland or organ. –adjective 2. of or relating to the endocrine glands or their secretions: endocrine function. {endo + Greek krinein separate}… …   Australian English dictionary

  • bottom-ender — /bɒtəm ˈɛndə/ (say botuhm enduh) noun a crew member of a riverboat which plies the bottom end of the Murray …   Australian English dictionary

  • definiendum — /dəfɪniˈɛndəm/ (say duhfinee enduhm) noun (plural definienda /dəfɪniˈɛndə/ (say duhfinee enduh)) the thing which is to be defined, especially the word or phrase to be defined in a dictionary entry. {Latin, neuter gerundive of dēfīnīre define} …   Australian English dictionary

  • double-ender — /dʌbəl ˈɛndə / (say dubuhl enduh) noun 1. a vehicle, especially a boat, which can be driven from either end. 2. → shingleback …   Australian English dictionary

  • endamoeba — /ɛndəˈmibə/ (say enduh meebuh) noun a protozoan, genus Endamoeba, one species of which causes dysentery and liver abscess. Also, US, endameba. {end + amoeba} …   Australian English dictionary

  • endemic — /ɛnˈdɛmɪk / (say en demik) adjective 1. Also, endemical. peculiar to a particular people or locality. 2. Biology (followed by to) (of a plant or animal) native to a country or a locality, though possibly also found elsewhere, having been moved… …   Australian English dictionary

  • endergonic — /ɛndəˈgɒnɪk/ (say enduh gonik) adjective (of a chemical reaction) consuming energy or requiring energy to occur, as when the temperature of water being mixed with ammonium chloride drops. Compare exergonic. {end + Greek ergon work + ic} …   Australian English dictionary